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    Cleavage Coolers® are beautiful fabric covered self-contained gel packs (not icky GOOEY crystals).  They freeze solid like a popcicle. Once in place they gently

    thaw in about an hour. These clever little gel packs slip discreetly down your cleavage for a quick cool down and doesn't show.

    Try them to relieve nasty hot flashes, night sweats and workout sweat. 

    Great to use when working out, hiking, biking, gardening, mowing, riding, teaching, speaking, dancing.

    Brides, golfers and tennis players appreciate the cool anti-anxiety properties they offer to calm nerves.

    Cancer patients in chemo and radiation use Cleavage Coolers® to regulate body temperature. They soothe mouth sores when applied directly to the jaw line. For insomnia, slip a cold one between your boobs while lying on your side and another on your forehead or on the back of your neck simultaneously.

    A cold Cleavage Cooler® tucks down your bra where it presses against your sternum, near your thymus gland. That cold sensation calms anxiety and  INSTANTLY cools you down.

    Proudly hand-made by Yours Truly since 2003. USA.  As seen on Dr. Phil.
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