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 As seen on "Dr. Phil" 

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*Gel CLEAVAGE COOLERS® are made with self-contained, sweat-proof gel packs,  (NOT GOOEY CRYSTALS) and are covered in beautiful and

soft premium 100% cottons that fit snugly anddiscreetly over your sternum.

They freeze solid like a popcicle and gently thaw in your cleavage in about an hour. 

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    Contact info: Tele: 612-500-7848


    Gel Cleavage Coolers® are made with self-contained, non-drip, gel packs covered with soft premium 100% cotton fabrics. There is a loop at the top for hanging your sunglasses when in place in your cleavage.  They freeze solid like a Popsicle and gently thaw in about an hour.

    Most of the sets come with a designer thermal carrying case designed to keep the gel pack frozen solid for hours until needed. Cleavage Coolers® are used to cool you down fast and keep you cool when tucked discreetly down the front of your bra (where it presses against the sternum).

    We also found that when a gel pack is placed on your throat it will cool the blood flow to the brain and help with migraines. They can also be used to soothe surgical wounds and swelling. 

    They are best used when frozen (flat) over night first and thereafter stored in the freezer. The lovely cold sensation calms anxiety and  INSTANTLY cools you down.
    They are great to also use when working out, hiking, biking, gardening, mowing, riding, teaching, speaking, dancing.
    Athletes, especially golfers on hot golf courses, and tennis players, find them extremely helpful during hot matches in the heat.

    When additional meds are out of the question, and because of the awful body heat issues, Cleavage Coolers come to the rescue for cancer patients going through chemo and radiation treatments. I have been told they also work great when applied to the jaw to soothe  mouth sores related to chemo. For insomnia, lie on your side and slip a cold one between your boobs.

    Over the years I have discovered lots of uses for Cleavage Coolers including stroking one on my cat's bellies. One day I glued a brush on one and I had a light-bulb moment.  I promptly drew a picture of it, wrote a description and filed a Provisional Patent Application. A year later I filed a Regular Patent Application and lo and behold! a patent was granted! That fabulous idea for a pet cooling product is coming to market soon.

    Proudly hand-made by Yours Truly since 2003.

    Lynda Emon, Creator

    "Cleavage Coolers"  United States Trademark Reg. No. 3,947,251. Serial No.  85-099,158.
    Filed June 1, 2002, April 19, 2011 and June 15, 2017.