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by Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

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Summer is here and the heat is on. No need to be hot and sticky anymore. 

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    Cleavage Coolers® are beautiful fabric covered gel packs (not GOOEY crystals) that freeze solid and thaw in about an hour. These clever little gel packs slip discreetly into your cleavage for a quick cool down. They are great for Tamoxifen's perpetual hot flashes, night sweats & ordinary perspiration. When a nice cool Cleavage Cooler is tucked down your bra it presses against your sternum, near your thymus gland. Some how that cold sensation neutralizes anxiety and tones down body heat surges.  They even soothe mouth sores when applied directly to the jaw line. For insomnia, slip a cold one between your boobs while lying on your side.  Cleavage Coolers help manage all kinds of body heat. I have heard lots of surprising uses like placed in a hot bunny hutch, biker butt cleavage, labiaplasty surgical swelling, black eyes, burns, strokes on cat's bellies and doggie faces. Go figure.

    The loop at the top is for hanging your glasses. You'll see what a nifty product Cleavage Coolers are.

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