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Score better on the course or on the court playing tennis and golf in the heat!

Excellent cooling devices to use when working out, hiking, biking, gardening, cleaning, cooking in a hot kitchen, dancing or riding.

Cleavage Coolers and gel neck wraps are wonderfully soothing for cancer patients going through chemo and radiation.

Surgical patients find them very useful to reduce swelling.

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    Cleavage Coolers are beautiful fabric covered gel packs (not GOOEY crystals) that freeze solid and thaw in about an hour. These clever little gel packs slip into your cleavage and discreetly cool down hot flashes, night sweats & ordinary perspiration. A nice cool Cleavage Cooler down your bra neutralizes anxiety and tones down body heat surges caused from the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen. The loop at the top is for hanging your glasses. You'll see what a nifty product Cleavage Coolers are.

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