`A la carte - Classy Thermal Cases $14 each
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`A la Carte Companion Thermal Carrying Cases Only - $14.00 each

These clever thermal carrying cases are important for keeping your previously frozen gel Cleavage Coolers cold for hours on the go. They are made of a thermal material used to ship foods and serums that need to maintain a cetain temperature during shipment. I buy it on big rolls. The cases are flat and feature a hook and loop closure with a rhinestone embellishment on the front flap.

They are also handy to keep expensive cosmetics (and insulin) temperature controlled in hot environments like in the car, in a beach or picnic bag, in the golf cart, in a back pack, et al. 

There are lots of trim color choices.

Credit card and PayPal orders welcome. Select the "print and call" option on the order page and call me at 612-500-7848 to complete your order. 

 If you prefer PayPal invoicing, shoot me off an email and I will invoice you with PayPal.

email: lynda@CLEAVAGECOOLERS.com

  • Item #: TC218
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

`A la carte - Classy Thermal Cases $14 each

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