NEW! PetBKool - Grooming Tool - $25 + Free shipping

NEW! PetBKool - Grooming Tool - $25 + Free shipping
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  • Item #: PBK18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

NEW! PetBKool - Cold Grooming Tool for Pets! $25 + free shipping! 

This is a manual, hand-held, brush, as it were, attached to a gel pack. You store it in the freezer to chill the gel pack and then brush your hot animal with it. As you gently stroke you groom with the brush at a slight  angle so the cold part touches the animal simultaneously with the bristles. They love it sooooo much!!! 

PetBKool has been a challenge to bring to market. At this point I hand make them because we are not yet ready for the expensive minimuns at a factory.

Go ahead! Try it out for yourself on your hot pooch! There are several patterns from which to choose.



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Price $25.00