Pooch Protection Gel Neck Wrap - $18 + Free shipping

Pooch Protection Gel Neck Wrap - $18 + Free shipping
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  • Item #: PP18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

   This is like no other cold dog collar.   Keep your larger size dog cool with this fabulous gel neck wrap. They are made with self-contained, no drip, non toxic gel packs. *(Not the kind you soak that turn all gooey and get moldy and sour.) When you see your dogs panting like crazy put this on him. THEY FREEZE SOLID AND STAY GOOD AND COLD FOR OVER AN HOUR. 

What I've found in my research is big hairy dogs love, love, love these! I tested them on many dogs. They look like they are in pig heaven when they laydown.

They are made with a breakaway hook and loop closure so he/she can remove it if he doesn't like it by hooking his foot through it and pulling. They are made in high quality 100% cotton fabrics with many solid and cute novelty prints are available.  

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