Testimonials and Comments

Testimonials and Comments
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  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs



 Hi Lynda!

I'm delighted to say that my Cleavage Coolers arrived safely yesterday, Wednesday July 25th. Packaged well and I'm so impressed by the quality.

It's mid-Winter here at the moment, but I'm thrilled that I've got my lovely Cleavage Coolers all ready for Summer, which starts around October for me! (officially it starts in December) I'm not a fan of warm weather, obviously :-)

Thanks again and I'll be spreading the word amongst my work colleagues - I haven't found anything similar over here.


-- Helen Garth



"Lynda, OMG! OMG! They are fantastic. Received yesterday and they are perfect!! The women will go wild and I hope you will get a lot more business after 110 women receive them. Thank you so much for the deal. You have done a great job. Really, these will make our Invitational a hit!"

B. Carrigan, Naples, FLA.


Hi Lynda,  I just wanted to tell you thank you!! I purchased them last week and used them in Texas this weekend.  Both my sister and I used them, they are amazing!! The heat never bothered me,  but Texas heat is different. Thank you again for your GREAT product!!

Laurie Robinson 

Lynda, I am a competitive ballroom dancer and I use your Cleavage Coolers by putting a cold one in the bottom of each bra cup. Someone gave me a set as a gift and I love them so much I am reordering more. Please send me a dozen and also make me a couple of XL thermal cases, too! Thank you so much!

Maggi in St. Paul 

Hi Lynda,

OMG! Amazing! Thank you so very much. Several colleagues have expressed an interest in your product, so I have passed on your website details. 

Best wishes,

Linda xx


"Last week I had a breast biopsy.  The nodule lies deep in the breast, resting on the chest wall.  I am thin, so the doctor had push hard and move my breast around.  I was told to be prepared for a tremendous bruise.  I used my Cleavage Coolers 24/7.  I was not worried about frost bite because of the cloth casing on the gel pack.  There is some bruising; however, it is very slight.  Additionally, I am not as sore as I anticipated I would be.  The Cleavage Cooler helped me tremendously! I have also used Cleavage Coolers to help prevent heat stroke when I am running my dogs in CPE Agility trials and practice.  I slip it right into my bra, and I am cool!  Sometimes my heart beats slightly out of rhythm.  I have discovered that if I press the cold cooler into my chest, the heartbeat returns to normal quickly! " 

MET, League City, TX


"Thank goodness for these gems!  I will be relying on them for comfort over the next weeks/months.  Just diagnosed with lymphoma - some rare type that showed up in my annual mammogram, of all things.  Dr said it is very rare and he was surprised that it was in my breast, as it normally shows up anywhere else but there!  So...should start chemo, radiation or both next week.  Prayers appreciated! Thank you = )"
Nancy, LaQuinta, California


" I received 2 Cleavage Coolers from friends. They are very appreciated and useful, especially with hot flashes and anytime I'm overheated from working outside.  When I was hit with a nasty virus infection a few years ago, the Cleavage Coolers were an unexpected 'gift.'  With a fever of 103, my head felt like it was in a hot oven and the rest of my body felt like it was in a deep freezer. Over the counter fever reducers were doing very little to bring the temperature down. I was too tired and weak to drive to the hospital....Some how, on the second day of this illness, I thought of the Cleavage Coolers and placed one on my chest and the other on my forehead. Relief was soon: the fever began to decline and returned to normal after using the Cleavage Coolers for a few hours! I know this is not their 'intended use.' I'm grateful I had them to bring down the fever. They are effective and beneficial for comfort, health and wellness. "   

 Mary Rose Martini, New Jersey  


"I have been using Cleavage Coolers for the last couple of years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am on a medication that causes severe hot flashes and terrible night sweats. I keep a frozen  Cleavage Cooler next to my bed in the insulated case and when I start heating up like a roaring furnace I place it on my sternum and within minutes my entire core is cooled and the hot flashes are gone providing me with an excellent night sleep. I appreciate this product because it is a natural remedy that solves a difficult medical reaction without further medications. The gel neck wrap version is fabulous while working in the yard or other sweaty and hot activities. I have had to replace mine as my girlfriend’s swipe them. I have also given dozens of Cleavage Coolers as gifts, and in turn, my friends buy them for gifts because the work so well.

 I have shown the Cleavage Coolers to my Oncologist and she was blown away and wished she could have her hospital purchasing department purchase enough so that every newly diagnosed breast cancer patient is given one (Park Nicollet Cancer Center).

In addition to my happiness with Cleavage Coolers my husband has discovered that if he places a Cleavage Cooler on his sciatica pain the pain is gone in under five minutes – again amazing results for spot treatment of muscle pain with no medication required. These little coolers are amazing and I highly recommend them.  If my burly husband can use a little cooler with Pink Breast Cancer Ribbons I know that there is a very large market for this product."

Shellie Sullivan, Island Park, MN


"Neck Wraps and Cleavage Coolers have a lot more uses than cooling off a hot bod.  Last week when I was baking a pizza (on a pizza pan) in a 400 degree oven, I used a potholder on my right hand (I am right-handed) to slide the pizza off the pan during the last two minutes of baking in order to get a crispy crust.  Without thinking or blinking an eye, I reached into the oven to balance the pizza pan with my left hand.  Talk about "OUCH" and "OMG"!!  In lightning speed, my left hand dropped the pizza pan onto the oven rack and I slammed the oven door with my right hand while I was yelling, cursing, and being angry with myself over the stupidity of the situation.  The burn was from the tip of my index finger all the way down - and then up, almost to the tip of my thumb.  It was bright red.  After a few moments of doing a "that hurts so bad" dance on my kitchen floor, I went to the freezer and grabbed a Cleavage Coolers neck wrap and wrapped it around my hand.  The pain was gone as long as the neck wrap was on my burned finger and thumb.  That evening, I kept the wrap in place and when it thawed, I kept the wrap in place; it stayed really cold for several hours.  The moral of my story is - "don't be as dumb as I was by grabbing a pan from a hot over but if you are and it's not a burn that is extremely large, try using the neck wrap."  It's easier that a baggie full of leaking ice and guess what .... NO BLISTERS!!  Thank you, Lynda.  THANK YOU!"

Grace Reinbold
Santa Fe, NM

To whom it may concern:
"I suffered for 8 years while at work with being hot and most everyday. I would end up drenched in sweat and would have to change my shirt, while others looked comfortable. It got so bad that I would put ice cubes in sandwich bags and stuff them in my bra and pants pockets.
I saw Lynda on Dr. Phil with her Cleavage Cooler idea and was intrigued. I kept thinking I need to order me some, but never got around to it. Finally after 2 years of stuffing ice down my shirt I ordered the Cleavage Coolers. I got them very quickly after ordering them and promptly popped them in the freezer. I was so excited to use them. I felt like a child on Christmas Eve. The next morning I brought my whole stock of Cleavage Coolers in a cooler to work and all I can say is why did I wait so long to order! They worked beautifully! Not one hot flash or bead of sweat! I am forever a fan and user of Cleavage Coolers. I Love them!!!
 Thank you so much for bringing your product to the public. I am so happy and cool now, I feel normal!"
Anne Mayo, Illinois 



Dear Ladies,

Over the years I have been indulged in many, many wonderful stories from women who were desperate to get control of the hot flashes, night sweats and heat related issues from different medications and treatments. It does my heart good to be able to help them address these problems in a natural way with Cleavage Coolers and gel neck wraps.


A pretty little Cleavage Cooler tucked down your bra can change the way you see the world by taking your mind off being hot. It can be such a distraction! 


Since I had the good fortune to be selected as a featured inventor on the Dr. Phil Show way back in 2003, the word spread all over the world that there was a simple solution to a problem women will face for time immemorial. I hope you try one and see for yourself soon.


Take good care and be cool,


Lynda, The Cleavage Cooler Lady

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"When buying from an artist/maker, you’re buying more than just an object/painting. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks & months of frustration and moments of pure joy. YOU AREN’T JUST BUYING A THING, you’re buying a piece of heart, part of a soul and a moment in someone’s life. Most importantly, you’re buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about." 

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